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      Founded in 1993, Zhongke Scientific & Technical Co., Ltd. (GDST) is a professional foreign trade company stake-controlled by Guangdong Academy of Sciences. GDST has always been committed to providing customers with efficient and quality services. Adhering to the principle of standardized and law-abiding operation, we have remained true to our original aspiration and forged ahead for more than 20 years, and maintained a sustained, efficient and robust development. GDST's business scope covers import/export, supply chain, bid invitation agency, offshore and other types of...

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      About us
      · Company Profile
      · Corporate Culture
      · Development
      · Organization
      · Partners
      Main Business
      · Import business
      · Export business
      · Domestic supply chain
      · Agent tendering business
      · Offshore business
      After-sales Services
      · Service Features

      Zhongke Scientific & Technical Co., Ltd.
      Address:Room 102A, Building 9, No. 100 Xianlie Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510070, China
      Tel:+86(0)20-3765 6268
      Fax:+86(0)20-8768 2371 +86(0)20-8768 1505